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iFlex Integration System

This course brought to you by iHobbs Salon and Training Academy allows you to offer non-surgical hairloss solutions to clients suffering from hair loss, pattern baldness, short or damaged hair, Hairloss caused by medication, stress and more. this course is designed to provide you with easy refit and reinstall. 


This technique teaches hair replacement using a revolutionary system involving a mesh being placed over the affected area with extra hair being added to integrate with the clients hair. This method is ideal for those clients who have considerable hair loss but still have enough of their own hair to prevent pulling all their hair through the mech for a mech integratio. This completely disguises any area of hair loss making the system completely undetectable. This method is used for advanced hairloss.​


Aim of this course:

This course is to teach you this revolutionary system that can bring a whole new clientele to your salon. Hair replacement systems help all those that have suffered hair loss by giving them more confidence.


Suitability for this Course: 

All hair Extensionists and hairdressers who want to offer this fabulous service.

Entry Requirements:

This course is open to everybody above the age of 18years. Must be trained in the celebrity weave method.


​What is supplied: 

A full professional kit and training manual. You are not required to bring anything with you.

Qualifications Gained:  

You will receive an industry recognised, fully accredited and insurance approved Certificate.



Theory and Practical

Generic Course Curriculum

What You Will Learn:

  • Introduction to iFlex Integration

  • Stages and types of hair loss

  • Health and Safety

  • Client consultation and contra indications

  • Tools required

  • Aftercare

  • Preparing the hair for volumizing integration

  • Making a template

  • Correct measuring of the head

  • Deciding how much hair to use  

  • Customising the system from start for area of hair loss.

  • Colour-matching clients hair for the replacement system  

  • When to use beads or add tapes to the hair system

  • How to blend hair system with clients hair

  • How to maintain and remove the system correctly  

  • Determining the need for mech integration 

  • Supplier details  

Full Professional Kit:

  • Human Hair Training Head

  • Triangle Headstand

  • Micro Ring Fitting/Removal pliers

  • Micro Ring Pulling applicator tool

  • Hair Extensions detangle brush

  • Croc sectioning clips x5

  • Hair extensions detangling brush

  • Blending razor

  • Scissors

  • Pin tail comb

  • Cutting comb

  • Microbeads rings x200

  • Needle

  • Hair Extensions sewing thread

  • Meche Integration Net/Knotting net

  • Training Hair

  • Full Colour Training Manual

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