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Failure To Keep Up With Maintenance Will Damage Your Hair

Your hair extensions require regular maintenance to keep them looking healthy and nourished. Keeping up with your maintenance will make them last their full time without any problems. On the other hand, failure to keep up with your maintenance appointments, would end up causing problems and damage to your hair. Remember this is human hair, so you will need to look after it just like you would with your own hair.


We Do Not Do Retights For Maintenance - We Do Refits

At iHobbs we do Refit every 6-8weeks. This takes averagely 2/3 times longer than Retights but we believe its worth our clients. Refits helps rotate the hair from row to row. All the hair gets taken out and refited meaning the extensions are not on the same spot for more than 2 months. Rotating the extensions this way helps to prevent breakage cos there isn't too much strain/ tension on the same spot. This helps promote growth.  

What You Get With Every iHobbs Refit 

Our promise to our hair extension clients is that, for every Refit you will get......

- We completely take your hair extensions out

- We change the beads

- We reposition the extensions so that its not on the same spot and to prevent breakage

- You also get a free cut if your hair needs cutting

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