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This blog focuses on the difficulty women face with regards to loosing their crowning glory to hair loss.

The Difficulty of Women

Regardless of a woman’s age, losing your hair as a woman, can severely affect your confidence. This is because we live in a society that considers hair to be an important part of how you look:

Society has therefore attached a social stigma to going bald as a woman.

Over the years working with women losing their hair, I have met some women who question whether their partners will still love them. I have known others become socially reclusive and give up enjoyable activities like swimming and going to the gym, because they cannot bear using the communal changing rooms for fear of their hair loss being discovered. I have had women break down in tears about how they have not had the courage to walk into a hairdresser for years because of fear of being judged

Statistics Of Hair Loss

Statistics indicate that over 40% of Women live with visible Hair Loss. And I am seeing younger and younger clients coming to my salon everyday with hair loss.

Hair Loss in Women can be absolutely devastating for their emotional wellbeing and self-image. Society however has forced women to suffer in silence, because it is considered far more acceptable for men to go through Hair Loss than women. However, hair loss can affect women’s sensuality and how they perceive themselves.

Even more unfortunately doctors pay little attention to the issue of women's Hair Loss since it is not considered life threatening. Women are told to just get on with it. The psychological damage caused by Hair Loss and the feeling of unattractive can however be as devastating as any serious mental health illness or any serious illness.

Types of Hair Loss

There are so many different causes of hair loss. They include stress, hormonal changes in women, side effects of certain medications, thyroid problems, B12 deficiency, side effects of cancer treatments and so much more. It could also be hereditary like female-pattern baldness.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Consultant

Are you someone who’s looking to become a hair replacement expert in the comfort of your own home, but just don’t have access to the necessary resources?

If you’ve been looking for a better way to help women with hair loss/ thinning hair, then look no further. The iHobbs Hair Academy Non Surgical Hair Replacement courses are the best and most proven help on the market today.

It doesn't matter whether you're a beginner or experienced professional - Our program fits all levels of experience!

Join our iHobbs Hair Academy Non Surgical Hair Replacement courses now and start helping women regain their lost confidence because of hair loss! All you need to do is either purchse our Online Mesh Integration Systems Course or Online Volumizer Hair Systems Course and get immediate access to start making a difference in women with hair loss right away!

Let's help give women with hair loss back their confidence!

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